Winter Essentials + Ice Skating!

I hope everyone is having a great week!!! It’s December here in New England and I could not be any happier. I love the cold fresh air, going ice skating, eating hot apple cider donuts, drinking hot chocolate and of course- the fashion. I love wearing my Stuart Weitzman boots, leggings and skirts and cozy sweaters! It does not get any better than that. I like being prepared for the most chilliest days- there fore I racked up a bunch of winter essentials! I already have hats, gloves scarves lined up for snowstorms and for days where Boston goes into the negatives. Yes- I am THAT prepared!

Adorable Kate Spade Grey Earmuffs

Basic Black Kate Spade Black Earmuffs

Basic Black Kate Spade Bow Gloves

I’m not gonna lie, my Gucci flip flops are the only things I wanna wear inside.

For my winter coat this year, I decided on buying a Canada Goose jacket. It was a battle between the Moncler Avocette Jacket and Canada Goose Chiliwack Parka. I eventually narrowed it down to the Canada Goose. It was more affordable, it has a hood and I got it for a great price.


My former roommate Mariama including her new roommate Chelsea and I went out ice skating in Kendall Square, Cambridge.

My outfit top to bottom

Jacket - Canada Goose Chilliwack bomber jacket Size Large (I got the large because I wear bulky things under my jacket.

Top - Zara knit, similar style here

Jeans - Lucky brand (not sure of the style) but the website is 50% off everything at the moment!

Shoes - I am wearing ice skates in these photos but I wore my all time favorite Stuart Weitzman Prescott loafers.

Bag - Gucci Marmont cross body in pink. You can get it here or here. I am obsessed with this crossbody! It fits a ton and I am a huge fan of Gucci Marmont.

Below are some top picks for gloves! It’s great to have a nice pair of quality gloves to wear during the winter and for the years to come.

Your guide to Stuart Weitzman boots. BLACK FRIDAY 2018

No surprises here! I am a huge fan of Stuart Weitzman. I’ve tried all the boots out there in the world. But nothing beats a good SW thigh high. I know these boots might cost a pretty penny retail ($798 + tax) but they are worth every single cent in my opinion. Featured down below are booties, Hiline, and Highland boots that I have found. The hiline and lowland boots are under $500 on Saks off fifth! Amazing. Someone give me the deets if you purchase through Off Fifth.

30% off full priced (SELECT) items on SW!


This is my current collection so far

Hiline boot in Black 8.5 wide

Lowland boot in Black 8.5 wide

Prescott loafers in Black 8.0 wide (But I had to change to 9.5) because they run too small!

Tips on wearing SW boots if you have thick legs. They will fit. Trust me! You just need to stretch them out. They’re gonna hurt since they’re tight.


Screenshot 2018-11-22 22.53.43.png
Screenshot 2018-11-22 22.54.06.png

Weekly round up ft. Fashionphile

Who else is a fan of FP?? I’ve purchased amazing products off this website and I love sharing my finds for everyone!!

This week I am featuring Bags that I have in my collection to share with all of you.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM

NEVERFULLS - I have the Damier Ebene Neverfull (MM) with Rose Ballerine lining!!

Monogram w/ Beige lining ($995— w layaway $249 downpayment.)This one is in great condition with the Patina of the vachetta with basically no watermarks, looks clean. NO POCHETTE.

Damier Ebene w/ Red lining ($850—Layaway coming soon!) This Neverfull is in amazing condition, ex clean inside, smooth leather on the inside. The handles look worn which is good in my opinion because the treated leather brand new hurts my shoulder sometimes. NO POCHETTE— this purse is also monogrammed on the leather handle with initials. You can easily put a leather sticker over it to cover it up. My recommendations are Kate Spade leather stickers. Or you can rub it off.

Damier Azure w/ Beige lining ($1,125—$218 w layaway downpayment) This Neverfull is in good condition, lining looks clean and the leather is still light! No watermarks. COMES WITH POCHETTE!

Louis Vuitton All in MM

ALL IN- I have the Monogram ALL in, in the size MM

Louis Vuitton ALL in GM 10% Off $1,395 with the layaway downpayment of $349


Weekly round up SALE

Screenshot 2018-10-02 09.27.15.png

Fall picks from ASTR the label! - one of my favorite brands

I am obsessed with Mules!!! Found some at up to 40% off at Nordstrom.

Jeffrey Campbell Charlin Bow Mule

Comes in a variety of different colors too!

Comes in a variety of different colors too!

Olive colored Madewell cardigan

Olive colored Madewell cardigan

Louis et Cie Cela Mule in “Rhapsody blue”

Louis et Cie Cela Mule in “Rhapsody blue”

Louis et Cie Cela Mule in Calf hair

Louis et Cie Cela Mule in Calf hair

Kate Spade Sale! August 2018

My favorite collections are on sale! Snag whatever has been on your wishlist now! The sale items are all at amazing prices. Take an extra 30% off sale!! Don't walk, run!

(Click on the images for a link directly to the item or the highlighted blue)

Everything is final sale with code  "OneOfAKind"

My favorite colors of the past season are Morning Dawn, Pink lemonade and Marguerite Bloom


my absolute favorite print was the Pineapples!

Kate Spade Hayden in Marguerite bloom

Kate Spade Hayden in Marguerite bloom

Gingham off the shoulder top (I am wearing a medium in this)

Gingham off the shoulder top (I am wearing a medium in this)

Tapestry Lace top in black (I am wearing an XL because I wanted it to be flowy, and not be too tight)

Tapestry Lace top in black (I am wearing an XL because I wanted it to be flowy, and not be too tight)

Lalena (Sold out at   Lalena in pink lemonade + Hot pink

Lalena (Sold out at  Lalena in pink lemonade + Hot pink



Morning dawn lilia pouch

Morning dawn lilia pouch

I searched around and found some really good steals for you guys! Some of these listed are on different sites. 



LV baseshaper!!! (With Lilly Fabric)

Darlings!!! I just wanted to let you know that for a short time only, I am making Louis Vuitton base-shapers again!! With your choice of fabric. Lilly Pulitzer is popular. :) This has been circulating around Pinterest a lot!! Great way to spice up a bag. Contact me via email- AHEM if you are interested! They are $50 shipped pending fabric. 

Hope you guys enjoy!

My OG post about it + more pictures here

Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 1.00.19 PM.png

20th B-day review!

So, 20 Cindy?

(I know I am very late on this I needed to relax after ending school and many events AND I wanted to give honest reviews on products)

Yup. TWO decades old!! It's been a crazy life- and I haven't even lived yet. On my birthday I had a somewhat relaxing day- went to Gucci and Chanel, Sephora and got a couple of birthday treats! Went to dinner with my sweet boyfriend in the North End, and went to Improv Asylum. I didn't ask for anything this year- which is usual. My birthday isn't a spectacular celebration and I feel that events and such are such a big anxiety for me since there are so many options.

I like a relaxing dinner, and that's all I need. 

Sephora -  I went ahead and redeemed my birthday reward! I got the Glam Glow duo

I redeemed the  Glam Glow kit  because I love using new skin products! You could also redeem the BITE lip trio- but I already have too many lip products that I need to get rid of. So far I have loved the  SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment !! These two are great for being on the go- travel size! I don't know one person who dosen't like mini versions of products. I am still yet to use the  GLOWSTARTER Mega Illuminating Moisturizer in Nude Glow . GlamGlow is a bit pricey so this is a good way to sample it if you are thinking about purchasing!

I redeemed the Glam Glow kit because I love using new skin products! You could also redeem the BITE lip trio- but I already have too many lip products that I need to get rid of. So far I have loved the SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment!! These two are great for being on the go- travel size! I don't know one person who dosen't like mini versions of products. I am still yet to use the GLOWSTARTER Mega Illuminating Moisturizer in Nude Glow. GlamGlow is a bit pricey so this is a good way to sample it if you are thinking about purchasing!

Beauty Blender- I have been using the same brush for a year now, and I have been meaning to purchase a new Beauty Blender but never found myself repurchasing until now! There's nothing better than a new Beauty Blender

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 6.32.43 PM.png


GUCCI- GUCCI Bloom perfume 50 mL + Rollerball from (Sephora) : One of the most floral perfumes I have ever purchased! Next to the Kate Spade "In full bloom" perfume. This one is a bit sexier. The Pink bottle matches my Gucci Marmont crosssbody. There are notes of Rangoon Creeper & Jasmine in the perfume. It's refreshing to me! There is also the Aqua version of it that I think my sister would really like. I purchased at Gucci because they ran out at Sephora. I got a dust bag and all the packaging with it.


CHANEL- I LOVE going to the Chanel boutique on Newbury Street. There are a couple floors so theres ENDLESS Chanel. I love playing at the beauty counter- no one is ever there so I always get the full attention of my beauty specialist. There's nothing wrong with spending a lot of money on high-end makeup. (Especially if it is your birthday) 

What did I buy- LE ROUGE CRAYON DE COULEUR Jumbo Long wear Lip Crayon in N° 21 in Warm Rosewood. I wanted an everyday lip color in a shade that was pinky nude. I will forever be in awe with my MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick but this one takes the cake. It's rosier. You can find the pencils here


Chanel Soleil Tan Fluid (Sheer Illuminating Fluid) in the shade Sunkissed- When the Sales associate showed this to me I fell in love and asked for a bottle right away. You can use this SO many ways!! I love a good glow on the cheek. You can put it all over your face and mix it into your foundation for a subtle glow!!!!! It's perfect for using it as a base for highlighter as well your face! This product looks like it goes a long way. I have been using this nonstop and my face just glows! It makes my skin very dewey and glowy it's perfection! I use this with my beauty blender!


Pineapple party!

If you know me, you know I LOVE pineapples!!! They're one of my favorite fruit!!! I am in LOVE with this pineapple romper- it's so chic, comfortable and easy to wear!! Kate Spade has been killing it with the summer collection. 

This fabulous pineapple bag is sold out EVERYWHERE!

This fabulous pineapple bag is sold out EVERYWHERE!


I linked some fabulous pineapple themed items from Kate down below! I am obsessed!!!!

Resume the pineapple party with.. 

Other pineapple stuff that I am obsessed with from other stores listed down below!

Sale on Sale at Kate Spade New York!!

SUMMER SUMMER SUMMER. It's here!!! That means- SALE! All your favorite pieces from spring are an additional 30% off at Kate!!! Don't walk- RUN! Here's a list of my favorite pieces. I have FOUND direct links to SOLD OUT items!!!! 

SAM BAGS!! Sam is back and in a various different sizes and materials!!

We ♥ Sam!!! PSSST (Click on each image for a direct link!)

I LOVE Madison Avenue daisy lane same. She comes with an additional pouch for when you are on the go!! The leather is very good quality- a fun nice colorful bright cheery bag for summer BBQs and picnic's.


Fashion is life. It can be expensive and there are people out there that are willing to purchase fakes if they can't get their hands on the real thing. I know. There are a lot of people who are not wiling to drop a thousand dollars on a handbag. I am on a different page. I am 100% about this. I love watching how Chanel and Dior create their handbags. They are genuinally handmade! It is such a process to create clothing and handbags. Check out this handmade Lady Dior Youtube video. I think the process of creating luxury products is fascinating and very interesting. It's time consuming and it takes a long time to create. That's why handbags are expensive

I do not support the knock off industry. If you go to NYC you will see people bustling on the streets with people surrounding their luggage filled with knockoff items trying to purchase a Louis Vuitton wallet or even a bag. Do you know where these fakes are coming from? Or what is the story behind them? Replica's- knockoffs whatever you call it, just don't do it. 

It's unethical.

Luxury items are a treasure. They are something that you are investing in to fit into your everyday lifestyle. You want it to be genuine, you do not want to be someone you are not. 

First of all, counterfeits are illegal in the United States in America. If you are caught selling these fakes, you will be charged badly, and sent to jail. If you are even caught with a fake handbag in Paris you will be fined. What people don't know about the counterfeit industry- it is filled with crime against a lot of people, women and children are harmed in this dangerous industry. It can be researched that terrorism, human trafficking can be linked to the money made from counterfeits to purchasing weapons of mass destruction. There's a lot of baggage that comes with these fakes.  This kind of criminality leads to other criminal activities- you might not think it's hurting anyone, but in reality it is. It hurts a lot of people. 

Where you have to watch out

Online shops- such as Alibaba, websites on Google can be fraudulent. Mercari, Poshmark. You can be scammed hundreds of dollars if you purchase a fake on websites like these since they ban fakes. 

Sketchy shops- In the city that I grew up in, there have been a lot of questionable shops on a popular street that people shop on. Some of these shops have very questionable products and there are a lot of fakes. In high school some girls were carrying around fake Michael Kors bags Kate Spade and Tory Burch. I am not calling anyone out on it, but just the fact that people think that it's ethical to wear these fake purses and the fact that people sell them. It's just so bad. Sometimes they think it's the actual thing too. It's all wrong. 

As you can see.. the "MK" sign is coming off. The zipper on this bag is caving in. Not good quality- probably made in China

As you can see.. the "MK" sign is coming off. The zipper on this bag is caving in. Not good quality- probably made in China

I have seen multiple people with fakes in my whole entire life. I can't seem to grasp what the millennial fascination with knockoffs or "dupes" of counterfeit items. I understand the memes of, "What you expect when ordering online" and "What you are really getting" it's funny. But I just want all of you to understand that, it's wrong to give into the people who are torturing others to create and sew anything that is counterfeit. It's a crime against fashion and counterfeit items are a crime in general. 

Where you can purchase from

Fashionphile - swear by this website. I love love love Fashionphile because you can find plenty of hidden treasures and you can guarantee that everything on this website is legit. They have authenticators all around. They actually have a store in California! The layaway program is free and they do not charge interest in items. PST- I have a code you can use for $50 off $400!! It's Thankyou2018 :) Hope you can score that perfect SLG or handbag on there!

I also hoped you all learned a little something from this post. I know it's unusual from my other posts and such, but I have been doing so much research and everything on this part of the fashion world. 

Bag Twilly's

I'm Obsessed with twillys. Yes I spend $200 + on a piece of silk. Don't get me wrong; I love luxury but thats expensive. I fell in love with the Stephen Sprouse leopard bandeau a VERY long time ago. I think it's one of the basic things that everyone need's in their Louis Vuitton collection. With Twilly's you can..

Wear it as a bracelet

Wear it around your neck

Wear it as a headband

Wrap it around your bag handle

Wrap it around in a bow as a decorative thing on your handbag. I have the Fendi Fun Fair Wrappy and the Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse Leopard Bandeau I am obsessed with the other Fendi Fun wrappy in the black multi!! My SA Alexa (Saks Boson Fendi) showed me it, and I am slowly liking it more and more. 



Hi darlings!

Hope you are having an amazing day so far, wherever you live! I have exciting news for you all- I am a RocksBox's girl! If you have not seen my Instagram posts and Insta-stories! Then you have seen my pieces that I have been drooling over. You will find my posts regarding about the monthly subscription here! Under "fashion"

What is Rocksbox? 

Rocksbox is a monthly subscription box that is basically a "try before you buy" type of thing. It is so easy, you can sign up with my code “misscindylouwhoxoxo” for a free month of Rocksbox! If you need help finding your “style” you are in luck- You have a stylist! When you sign up for an account you take a little questionnaire asking about your types of metals you like or stones- it will narrow down your choices for what your stylist picks for you for your monthly box. You can even swap pieces if they are not in your taste! 

My overall thoughts

I love the customer service.

The pieces on the website are stunning

Easy mail back process.

The $21 in credits a month are a plus

I love it how you get an extra $10 off your whole entire purchase of a box.

It's so easy to pick and choose and send back.

You can wear your pieces for as long as you like

You get unlimited boxes a month when you send one back- once the tracking is initiated you get to swap your pieces if needed!

Make sure to sign up with my referral code here :  misscindylouwhoxoxo (for your free month)

I am loving my three pieces! I am a fan (obviously) of Kate Spade and Kendra Scott! My top two favorites.

Pieces that I own currently

- Rayne necklace in magenta

- Elle earrings in Rose Gold and Lilac (Mother of pearl)

-Elle earrings in Rhodium and Ivory (Mother of pearl)

-Elisa necklace in gold and Aqua Howlite


I wore the lilac and rose gold earrings to my cousin's wedding! They are so stunning on. Very dainty and pretty.


If you would like to directly purchase the exact pieces, I have them listed down below! You can purchase direct pieces on Rocksbox, but not all pieces of jewlary.

This is a sponsored post by RocksBox. All thoughts are my own. 

What’s in my new Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene makeup pouch!!

I bought this on impulse. AGAIN! I honestly did not mean to buy this. The day I went to the mall I was going to buy a new Cles, but the ones they had at Louis Vuitton were so deformed. It was a huge let down. But I got this cutie instead!! meet my newest obsession! 


My sisters and I have matching makeup bags! She has the bigger version (GM). I have the MM! I know I will use this pouch for a long time, so this was an investment piece. I still love my Lilly Pulitzer GWP Pink first impression cosmetic pouch! 

What’s in my makeup bag...  


Shout Wipes- something that I cannot live without. Shout wipes come in handy because they can take off LITERALLY anything! If you read my Louis Vuitton Neverfull post- you know that I spilled matcha tea all over the pink lining. These wipes were the only thing that saved my bag! Who knows when you spill something on a fancy dress, or nice shirt!

BBW lotion- I have been a fan of Bath and Body Works for a very long time. My favorite lotion is Sweet Pea! You can get it here 

Kate Spade New York sample perfume- This one is “In full bloom” Kate Spade’s newest perfume- it smells so good! If you love roses, this perfume is for you! There are roller balls, but I like the sample size because its so small- my full size bottle is so big!!! I cant fit it into the pouch. You can get it here

Fresh, Sugar Lychee Rollerball - Another impulse purchase. But I have no regrets because I love this perfume!!! It’s fresh and Crisp. It’s great for spring! You can get it here

Bottle opener - You’ll never know if someone needs one... I opened a glass coke for a girl at recruitment with my keys. 

iphone charger with hair bands on them - iphone chargers get tangled easily. And my hair ties are always at the bottom of everything!!

Pens- I forget to bring writing utensils to class sometimes... 

Christian Dior rose Lip Balm- Expensive but it smells good!! You can get it here

Libby’s lip balm- Natural Lip balm a friend of mine makes!! You can find the post here Etsy Shop here You can find my review here 

Inhaler- Your girl needs to be able to breathe to live

Daily Lipstick/gloss- If I am wearing a lipstick it always goes it here! Today's lippie was MAC Retro Matte liquid lip color in Burnt spice! You can get there here

Down below I linked 3 LV makeup pouches similar to mine!

Libby's lipbalm

Hello lovelies!! I just wanted to share my friends Etsy shop! Everyone knows that I am obsessed with lip products, when it comes to lipstick, lip gloss and liners. You need a good foundation that moisturizes and nourishes your lips! That’s why I am obsessed with my Friend Brittnay’s shop Libby and Co. There are so many flavors to choose from! The balm is smooth and its a nice consistency. 

Flavors I purchased  

Coconilla- I can see why this is the best seller! Coconut with vanilla was a really good combination. It’s creamy!!

Rose- smells like a rose (and I am a fan of roses)

Lemon Vanilla- smells like Starbucks lemon loaf!! (My favorite at Starbucks)

   You can follow/contact Brit here

Instagram @libby.co_ma



I love spring!!! Being a May baby has changed my life. (Literally) I share the same birthday with a lot of my old classmates from my hometown (in Waltham). I love flowers, warm weather and fresh spring air. My middle name is.. (drumroll pleaseeee) is Orchid!!! Yup. Cindy Orchid Chen, it wasn't written on my birth certificate but that's what a lot of my relatives called me in Chinese. My mother's favorite flowers are orchids, but my favorite flowers are peonies. In this blog post I will be talking about all of my favorite fashion finds- and things for spring!! It has been a brutal winter in New England which included snow on spring break, nor'easters every week, one single beautiful day running along the Esplanade. I live in New England, go figure.

Gucci Marmont Small Camera bag in pink

LOVE this bag!! Fun fact, I've never owned a designer crossbody until now!

I have a couple of the Gucci Marmont bags in a collective I have racked up! The colors are fun and the size range is great! (Down below)

- You can find my blog post about my new crossbody (soon)

- You can find the bag listed on Gucci's website here

I love the pink because duh pink is my favorite color! Next to periwinkle. Light pink is considered a neutral for me- this little crossbody has already been my new obsession!


I collected a bunch of the Gucci Marmont camera bags in the collection above! My pink bag is sold out on the Gucci website, but don't fret- they will always restock in a couple of months!


This is one of my favorite Etsy purchases ever!


Pina Colada Club is one of my favorite prints, I bought the luxletic leggings last year at Lilly and they changed my life- they have one pocket on the right side and I can put my phone or Louis Key Wallet in there! Such an adorable one of a kind handmade piece. The color combination with the poms and fabric was a good choice. I love the wicker handles- it's small but I can still fit a water bottle and my ipad! AMAZING. I literally bring this bag to my lectures!!

You can find this bag in the print "Off Tropic" with matching pom pom keychain here (PST it's 25% off until April 10th!) Etsy purchase from Marina's Closet, she has other cute totes and wristlets for sale! + Hair bows and scrunchies.


DISCLAIMER- Although I think these little coin purse and crossbody are adorable, I have not purchased!! (YET) But perfect for the spring and summer I bring to you- Kate Spade Chesapeake bay! Crabs and Lobsters. I am for sure purchasing both!!! I love lobsters and crabs!!!

- I also listed some other crab and lobster goodies down below! I love the pom pom keychain, and the sticker pocket. So fun for summer! You should really see the red leather in person, it's so crisp and it's a true red.




Obsessed as of 2018-

Statement sleeve tops that are similar to mine are posted down below! Could not find the exact links to each top- but there are some great deals on them right now! I love these tops because they add a nice flair to any plain top!



A look for less

Secrets out, I got this top at TARGET! It is not available anymore- but I did link more lace tops down below from Target. 

Shoes/Bag- Kate Spade Carima loafers in silver

"OPI The I's have it"

Jeans- True Religion

Phone case - Casemate

Rings- Cartier Trinity


Kate Spade New York Tapestry lace top

I'm a little upset that I didn't purchase this top earlier! It's so flattering on, I purchased an XL for it to be more flowy on me. You can buy it here and it's on sale for $230! I listed similar shoes down below, the Kate Spade sliders that I have on in this photo I found them on sale at TJ MAXX.


Kate Spade New York- Gingham top

Shop this look down below!

I'm in love with this gingham top from Kate! My lobster slides are too cute with my pedi!

Nails- OPI You're such a Budapest

Make sure to shop my look down below!


The key to buying a Louis Vuitton Neverfull

Are you obsessed with Louis Vuitton like I am? Are you contemplating on whether you should spend thousands of dollars on a new handbag? Look no further. This is the blog post that you have been looking for. 


I love my Neverfull

Honestly, I don't regret buying my bag. I use it every single day! A workbag, school and date night bag. It comes with a pochette for when you're on the go! My absolute favorite bag that I have ever purchased. These are the most popular bags on the planet. It’s a fast seller- anyone and everyone wants one- THE PRICE INCREASES EVERY YEAR.

 Here's your guide to purchasing your dream bag. 

I purchased my Neverfull on impulse February of 2017. It was one of the most irrisponsible purchases I have ever made in my whole entire life. It was expensive, crazy but it was a great purchase, no regrets just l v o e

I have the Damier Ebene Neverfull in MM with Rose Ballerine lining. There are three classic canvas' that you can choose from. There are other special canvas' that you can purchase when Louis has different collections, etc.


Louis has 3 types of basic Canvas' that you can choose from.

Monogram nickname (Mon Mono)

Damier (DAM-E-AYE) pronunciation (E-BEAN) or (E-BEN) which ever you prefer. 

Damier (DAM-E-AYE) pronunciation Azure (AZZ-YOUR)


There are three sizes when it comes to Neverfull


Choosing the size that fits YOU and your life!

Everyone is different. You are going to want a bag that fit's your needs, you want it to look good on you and you'll want to use it daily. For me I have the MM because It looked amazing on me- it was a good size and everyone that I know chose this size- because it's practical (it's not too big, not too small) if you want the GM, Buy the GM. If you love a big handbag- and you love a big bag, go for it! If you bring around a lot of stuff there is no shame in purchasing a bag that's bigger than what everyone else gets. The thing is; people tell me that the GM is "too big." Yes it might be for your needs but It's the perfect travel bag. If people are telling you otherwise and you don't agree- it's your money and you're investing in something that you'll utilize and use. If you travel a lot and you want more space, go for it. The PM is a cute size; it's for the person who wants a nice petite bag that's not too big. It's for the person who does not carry much around. 

Choosing the Leather 

I'm Guilty. I don't like vachetta. I don't like how it patinas. I don't like ruining bags. If you are the person that likes the look of the old vachetta; you do you boo. I am going to argue on both sides of the leather because I have the Louis Vuitton All In bag, in MM. 

-The Ebene leather is treated (harder) leather that is going to last for a very long time. You can wear the Damier Ebene bag in the rain and the leather will not get ruined. It will not get darker. I love the look of the Ebene better than the vachetta. 

- The Vachetta on the azure and monogram. When you first buy a Louis Vuitton bag with vachetta leather- it's going to look so brand new, lovely and you just wanna use it! It's going to be old over time. If you take care of it properly it can patina into a beautiful- honey color and it'll look really beautiful on the mono and azure (especially) But if you don't take care of the vachetta ex: bringing it out in the rain, getting water on the straps the leather will be "damaged" by water. There will be spots. If you REALLY want the Vachetta.. then you should get Appleguard. You literally just spray it on the vachetta to slow down the process of patina. Many Louis lovers do this to all their vachetta bags because they are scared of water damage. I have never tried it before. I'm that girl who wrapped up her vachetta piece in plastic (like a twilly) when it was raining outside. I'm too much. But you'd do the same if it was pouring rain- no protection of the vachetta!

Don't wait to buy it. 

Louis Vuitton JUST bumped up their prices! That includes their

Neverfull GM | MM | PM |

It's going to be harder and harder to get your hands on the exact bag you want. Louis Vuitton is officially not going to have the Neverfulls in store anymore- canvas pieces are getting harder and harder to get. They will have them sometimes/but not all the time. Depending on the store you might not get to see it in person. The last time I went to go get a Neverfull with someone- it was September 2017 and it was the first week of school. What are girls going to get as a present for back to school/gradusting highschool? A Neverfull. Because it's classic, effortless and chic. We had to order the bag for the girl.

GM is now $1,400

MM is now $1,320

PM is now $1,240

Where to buy a Neverfull bag

You have a couple options

1. Fashionphile or Tradsey ; These are 2 reputable websites that sells preloved luxury items you can get it for a great deal but it will not be new. Preloved is a good idea because you can get a handbag that already has been "used" so you don't have to baby. When you have the Damier Ebene leather; its tough as a rock. Some people prefer to buy this preloved just to get the leather loosened up. You'll see the options of the purses being in "Excellent" "Very Good" and "Good" condition, sometimes "New." 

2. The Store; you will get the ideal Louis Vuitton experience. The box, bag, everything. I love the luxury handbag treatment you get when you're buying something expensive. Sometimes you'll have a bad experience- sometimes you'll have a good one it all depends on who your sales associate is. 

I hope you all purchase the bag of your dreams!! I also hope that this blog post helped you with whatever you are looking for in a Neverfull. If anyone has any questions, feel free to email me at for any concerns and if you have any tips for me to add! Below I have some Neverfulls linked if you want to check them out! They are all preloved.
— Cindy Chen
Laduree Louis and Coach


If you haven't noticed by now, I'm a high maintenance boujee ass bitch. These are the items that I cannot live without.


Johnny Cupcakes Boston Red sox sticker + T shirt. Being from Boston, I grew up with championships, superbowl wins and the worlds greatest athletes throughout the course of my life. The Red Sox are a big deal aorund here. (I LIVE IN KENMORE) I have two colorways of the Boston B cupcake shirt in grey and white and of course the Navy and red. I have the sticker in two sizes and in keychain form.

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 6.49.51 PM.png

My Louis Vuitton Neverfull in Damier Ebene with Rose Ballerine Lining. I LOVE MY BABY LOUIS SO MUCH. He's a great bag, stylish, chic, timeless. Baby Louis is growing older but..he cute. To live the Life of Cin you're gonna have to be able to hold a handbag in the crook of your arm with confidence, style and it has to be expensive

Ben and Jerry's The Tonight Dough ice cream. There is nothing better than a combination of Caramel, chocolate chocolate cookie swirl, choclate, cookie dough, vanilla ice cream and peanut butter cups. THE TONIGHT DOUGH IS MY FAVORITE BEN AND JERRY FLAVOR HANDS DOWN. 

Kate Spade gum drop earrings; I am ALWAYS wearing my gumdrop earrings.. Wether they're navy, marble, glitter, hot pink or my favorite iridescent gumdrops. When you live my life you NEED them all.

One of my favorite places to eat... Shake Shack. From peanut butter shakes, to cheesy bacon fries, fried chicken burgers.. to single shacks. I love this place. (One time a Californian walked in and said "Shake Shack was better than In n Out" ...brb dying) The fries (Not picture) are my favorite fries in the whole world. So good. Hands down one of my favorite burger joints. 

Hello! My names Darnell. Darnell flew into my life around January 2017. I ordered him, he weighed 3 pounds and looked majestical. Darnell is my sidekick when I go to In a Pickle to get special pancakes or bringing him to Johnny Cupcakes and sticking him in random places just to say "DARNELL GET OUT" ... oh Darnell you are a majestical and beautiful unicorn that is one out of 80 made. You Darnell, is a  $500 unicorn. Expensive as Shit. 


Sweetgreen. SWEETGREEN IS MY FAVORITE PLACE EVER. I always crave their salads and I go at least a couple days a week. Sign up for their app here

Kale Caesar + Harvest Bowl are two of my favorites!!

Left ; Christian Dior reflected in black  Middle: Chanel 18k gold cat eye sunglasses  Right; Christian Dior refelcted in pink

Left ; Christian Dior reflected in black

Middle: Chanel 18k gold cat eye sunglasses

Right; Christian Dior refelcted in pink

Christian Dior Technologics in rose gold and burgundy

Christian Dior Technologics in rose gold and burgundy

Christian Dior is one of my favorite sunglass brands out there. I have two reflected and a pair of technologics. The technologics are my favorite right now because they come in a lot of different colors and they reflect in so many ways. My reflected are so nice beacause they are simple and still chic. I can't pull off any aviators so, these are my go to's. Will link some favorite pairs of sunnies in a different post.


My Anastasia glow palletes are my guilty pleasures. I wear highlight everywhere. I love my glow.

Dior Sunnies 2017

Here is my round up of my favorite pairs of Diors! #DiorSunnies