cindy chen

Favorite Beauty Products

cindy chen
Favorite Beauty Products

I cannot believe that it is 2019! I am ringing in the new year with some new favorites of mine, and tried and true products. 


Perfume: Gucci Bloom - I am a sucker for anything floral. Gucci Bloom is one of my favorite perfumes of all time! I have to have it everywhere with me, when I am going to school, work or on a get away with my boyfriend. You can find the set hereMiss Dior perfume - My second favorite perfume after Gucci Bloom. My sister Kaity has been obsessed with Dior perfume for years! It’s long lasting and I love having the mini size to carry around with me where ever I go.
Lips: Chanel Rougue Coco Glosses - In shades 119 (Bourgeoisie) and 714 (Caresse). What I love about these glosses is that they are not sticky! The formula is very lightweight and my lips look more full and plump after using it as a gloss over a lipstick. There is coconut oil, and plenty of hydration in each usage.

Mascara: Too Faced Better than sex mascara - This mascara is insanely good. If you haven’t tried it, I don’t think you have fully lived yet. The formula is jet black and it really volumizes your lashes. The brush is shaped like an hourglass which really helps get the product onto your lashes.

Skincare: VIIcode T2 oxygen eye cream - I seriously cannot say how much I love this product! It comes in a tiny leather pouch and a cute purple container. It’s great for when I am traveling place to place. I always am on the hunt for new eye creams and skincare products. It’s important to take care of your skin with products that actually work.This stuff did the trick! Throughout the end of the semester, I was nonstop. During school I was sleeping 5 hours a day bouncing back from class, work and a social life. I noticed that my under eyes were getting a little bit too tired looking. I wasn’t taking care of my skin. I’m always in a rush and late everywhere. I eventually left the job in December that was causing so much stress and being the reason why I was not taking care of myself. (Also because it’s winter here in New England and my skin does not do well in cold weather) I started to use this product afterwards and it has made my under eyes so smooth, I don’t see the bags anymore. I don’t have to worry about my skin being dry in the winter anymore, because the eye cream does magic! This product is lightweight and the fragrance smells amazing! There is no sticky or oily residue with this product. I really do enjoy using this in my everyday beauty routine. I use the Vllcode eye cream twice a day. After I wash my face in the morning, I put the cream under my eyes with my ring finger, and I go on with my day. When I have just showered and washed my face for the night, right before bed I put the eye cream in the same place, underneath my eyes and I go to bed. I see the results! I feel my skin being moisturized day and night. I can’t stress how much I love this product and you guys can get your self the eye cream here on Amazon for $97 and free shipping!