Oh my god. Words can't even say how much fun this event was. To start off my day I was in Boston for 15 hours. I went to go see my friend, a guy at Emerson college. Then I had a 5 hour shift at Kate. Not to mention, hair and makeup was already done and my outfit was picked out. It was an insane sales day. I haul assed a mile from the Back bay to Federal street, strutted by way to the 9th floor and there it was. I was lucky enough that both of my lovely friends Caroline and Brooke were working the pop up shop. My friend Holly Nichols was illustrating that night. She's amazing.

I met Denise and she is such a lovely woman. I had the honor of taking a couple pics with her and a couple professional photographers took our picture as well.

It was freezing by nightfall, so I didn't watch the show as much as I wanted to. I did snag a couple pictures of the models. Hopefully their not as bad. The lighting was terrible it was cold outside on the roof.

At 11pm it was POURING rain. Of course ya girl Cin got caught in the rain and was drenched. I have been non stop in Boston working, shopping and fitting on clothes. I haven't been home at all that often so I decided to skip out on the college fashion show. 

-Happy BFW 2016