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The key to buying a Louis Vuitton Neverfull

cindy chen
The key to buying a Louis Vuitton Neverfull

Are you obsessed with Louis Vuitton like I am? Are you contemplating on whether you should spend thousands of dollars on a new handbag? Look no further. This is the blog post that you have been looking for. 


I love my Neverfull

Honestly, I don't regret buying my bag. I use it every single day! A workbag, school and date night bag. It comes with a pochette for when you're on the go! My absolute favorite bag that I have ever purchased. These are the most popular bags on the planet. It’s a fast seller- anyone and everyone wants one- THE PRICE INCREASES EVERY YEAR.

 Here's your guide to purchasing your dream bag. 

I purchased my Neverfull on impulse February of 2017. It was one of the most irrisponsible purchases I have ever made in my whole entire life. It was expensive, crazy but it was a great purchase, no regrets just l v o e

I have the Damier Ebene Neverfull in MM with Rose Ballerine lining. There are three classic canvas' that you can choose from. There are other special canvas' that you can purchase when Louis has different collections, etc.


Louis has 3 types of basic Canvas' that you can choose from.

Monogram nickname (Mon Mono)

Damier (DAM-E-AYE) pronunciation (E-BEAN) or (E-BEN) which ever you prefer. 

Damier (DAM-E-AYE) pronunciation Azure (AZZ-YOUR)


There are three sizes when it comes to Neverfull


Choosing the size that fits YOU and your life!

Everyone is different. You are going to want a bag that fit's your needs, you want it to look good on you and you'll want to use it daily. For me I have the MM because It looked amazing on me- it was a good size and everyone that I know chose this size- because it's practical (it's not too big, not too small) if you want the GM, Buy the GM. If you love a big handbag- and you love a big bag, go for it! If you bring around a lot of stuff there is no shame in purchasing a bag that's bigger than what everyone else gets. The thing is; people tell me that the GM is "too big." Yes it might be for your needs but It's the perfect travel bag. If people are telling you otherwise and you don't agree- it's your money and you're investing in something that you'll utilize and use. If you travel a lot and you want more space, go for it. The PM is a cute size; it's for the person who wants a nice petite bag that's not too big. It's for the person who does not carry much around. 

Choosing the Leather 

I'm Guilty. I don't like vachetta. I don't like how it patinas. I don't like ruining bags. If you are the person that likes the look of the old vachetta; you do you boo. I am going to argue on both sides of the leather because I have the Louis Vuitton All In bag, in MM. 

-The Ebene leather is treated (harder) leather that is going to last for a very long time. You can wear the Damier Ebene bag in the rain and the leather will not get ruined. It will not get darker. I love the look of the Ebene better than the vachetta. 

- The Vachetta on the azure and monogram. When you first buy a Louis Vuitton bag with vachetta leather- it's going to look so brand new, lovely and you just wanna use it! It's going to be old over time. If you take care of it properly it can patina into a beautiful- honey color and it'll look really beautiful on the mono and azure (especially) But if you don't take care of the vachetta ex: bringing it out in the rain, getting water on the straps the leather will be "damaged" by water. There will be spots. If you REALLY want the Vachetta.. then you should get Appleguard. You literally just spray it on the vachetta to slow down the process of patina. Many Louis lovers do this to all their vachetta bags because they are scared of water damage. I have never tried it before. I'm that girl who wrapped up her vachetta piece in plastic (like a twilly) when it was raining outside. I'm too much. But you'd do the same if it was pouring rain- no protection of the vachetta!

Don't wait to buy it. 

Louis Vuitton JUST bumped up their prices! That includes their

Neverfull GM | MM | PM |

It's going to be harder and harder to get your hands on the exact bag you want. Louis Vuitton is officially not going to have the Neverfulls in store anymore- canvas pieces are getting harder and harder to get. They will have them sometimes/but not all the time. Depending on the store you might not get to see it in person. The last time I went to go get a Neverfull with someone- it was September 2017 and it was the first week of school. What are girls going to get as a present for back to school/gradusting highschool? A Neverfull. Because it's classic, effortless and chic. We had to order the bag for the girl.

GM is now $1,400

MM is now $1,320

PM is now $1,240

Where to buy a Neverfull bag

You have a couple options

1. Fashionphile or Tradsey ; These are 2 reputable websites that sells preloved luxury items you can get it for a great deal but it will not be new. Preloved is a good idea because you can get a handbag that already has been "used" so you don't have to baby. When you have the Damier Ebene leather; its tough as a rock. Some people prefer to buy this preloved just to get the leather loosened up. You'll see the options of the purses being in "Excellent" "Very Good" and "Good" condition, sometimes "New." 

2. The Store; you will get the ideal Louis Vuitton experience. The box, bag, everything. I love the luxury handbag treatment you get when you're buying something expensive. Sometimes you'll have a bad experience- sometimes you'll have a good one it all depends on who your sales associate is. 

I hope you all purchase the bag of your dreams!! I also hope that this blog post helped you with whatever you are looking for in a Neverfull. If anyone has any questions, feel free to email me at for any concerns and if you have any tips for me to add! Below I have some Neverfulls linked if you want to check them out! They are all preloved.
— Cindy Chen
Laduree Louis and Coach