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Louis Vuitton Neverfull in Damier Ebene with Rose Ballerine lining.

cindy chen
 Louis Vuitton Neverfull in Damier Ebene with Rose Ballerine lining.
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Direct Deposit hit and the Benjamins were flying. Yes, onetime I was scammed from trying to purchase a Givenchy Antigona purse back in the summer. Long story short I was, and I am still out of Bens. I have an unhealthy obsession with handbags. I purchase one from Kate Spade every couple weeks or so because of temptations. The only reason why I bought this bag, so I can cut back on having TONS of Kate Spade ones in my room. (Currently writing a paper for my professor on why women are obsessed with handbags) I have no space whatsoever, and I just wanted a new Louis. After months of trying to rebuild and work for what I lost, it happened. I got off work and I went to Louis Vuitton Copley. I highly do not recommend going to that store. I usually go there to get my LV SLGs hot-stamped and there are no problems. The person that hot-stamps my stuff usually takes 2-3 minutes. The store associates there were truly not nice people. Unless you have millions of racks to throw around, go there by all means. They'll be nice to you. The experience that I went through was terrible. I was sold a damaged bag. You're gonna ask me.. "Did you check the bag before you bought it?" Yes I did. I held it in my hands and it was perfect to me, but I didn't inspect the handles nor the lining on the bottom of the handbag. I blame the lighting in the store. I thought that this was the perfect handbag for me. I put it on hold over the phone and expected it to be brand new. Was it? Absolutely not. IT WAS USED. IT DIDN'T HAVE THE NEW LOUIS SMELL THAT WE ALL LOVE. I specifically asked to purchase a $1,300 handbag and I expected it to be absolutely brilliant. I experienced so many issues trying to check out at their store. My best friend Sarah and I had to run off to the bank to withdraw cash because of my debt card limit. And their registers were being annoying. No one really wanted to help me. I was out of breath and didn't get a chance to look around some more. No one offered us water, or said hello. I had to work with various sales associates because everyone was "busy." My Louis Vuitton experiences are usually much happier. (Just kidding I usually go to LV when I'm borderline upset and buy expensive things) When I got home it was a different story. THE HANDLE WAS CRACKED AND THE TOTE ITSELF WAS SAGGY. I was beyond annoyed, pissed. I WAS SHOOK. THAT'S RARE. I was not about to take the Subway back to Boston to do an exchange, dealing with the same rude associates. On the way out to the store no one said anything to me, I tried saying goodbye to my sales associate and she didn't care. OK Louis Copley. I'm heading back to my homegirl Michelle over at Louis Vuitton Saks Fifth Avenue.


But a happy ending...

Happy ending. I spoke with a Youtuber Wendy and she suggested that I should exchange it. All of my online friends were so excited for me.. but when I showed them the handles, they were concerned. I went to the Natick mall, I usually do not visit anymore since working at Kate Spade is time consuming, I am ALWAYS in Boston. (Side note I love my KSNY store) Definitely check out Wendy's YT videos! I love them all and they helped me pick out this handbag! The "cracks" on my bag were defiantly not normal. My SA at Louis Vuitton Natick knew that this bag was used and returned to the store. My new store associate Kylon, happily gave me a new Neverfull. Check out Wendy's Youtube video below! This is the video that made me want to purchase this Neverfull. On a happy note I will be doing more blog posts about my amazing new purchase! So exciting. We all know this will not be my last handbag I will purchase. Even though I told everyone I'm not buying more bags. 

For more fun stuff, keep reading! I created a LV neverfull bag shaper with Lilly Pulitzer Fabric! I'll show you guys what I put in there for school, work, or just a night out. If you would like for me to personally make one for you, DM my Lilly Boutique I have virtually every single Lilly Pulitzer Fabric ( I can order it too)

More Kate Spade SLGs down below!

Please fell free to reach out to me, ask any questions!

Now for the pictures...



These are in my pocket, so there is my Cles filled with coins for the subway. Cardholder for my bus pass, and of course my Damier Ebene key holder💕 


One beautiful colorful Lilly/Louis combo + Kate  


My infamous Thomas bear from Burberry, I want a new one! ❤ 


I adore this bag charm from H&M 🌹 they come in so many different colors. I reccomend them they are super cheap/ chic  

Kate Spade tassel from the strap and tassel pack ⭐️

Kate Spade tassel from the strap and tassel pack ⭐️


Pouf from HelloCaroline 💕


Lilly agenda folio, Pop Pink southern charm headphone case (DM me if you would like one) and of course my Walk on Air perfume, Hpfi makeupcase ❤ 


I have my throwback Juicy Couture charms here, my Buddha and heart 💕 


I have my Lilly Pulitzer makeup case, which I love 💕 and it matches the bottom perfectly.  


After I exchanged :)  

18 year old vs a 4 year old. I look like a teen mom haha.  

18 year old vs a 4 year old. I look like a teen mom haha.