Everyone knows that I am obsessed with Kylie Cosmetics. For the people who love their lip products this post is for you. I bought the KoKo Kollection on impulse and I love it already. It was only $40 plus free shipping for all of the lip products. That's cheaper than my "Literally" lipgloss (which I paid $25 for).


 Left to right, OKURR, DAMN GINA, GORG, KHLO$

Left to right, OKURR, DAMN GINA, GORG, KHLO$

I'm just saying, you're gonna need a whole lot of moisturizing lip balm and a really good makeup remover to take these babies off. My personal favorite is Kloe$, since it's a nude, and I like to layer Damn Gina over it. Since it's the only lipgloss in the quad. 


I'm not sure if this is still available on the website, but if you do get your hands on this bundle. GET IT! It's so worth it!! I have no complaints, but this stuff really stays on!