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Weekly round up ft. Fashionphile

cindy chen

Who else is a fan of FP?? I’ve purchased amazing products off this website and I love sharing my finds for everyone!!

This week I am featuring Bags that I have in my collection to share with all of you.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM

NEVERFULLS - I have the Damier Ebene Neverfull (MM) with Rose Ballerine lining!!

Monogram w/ Beige lining ($995— w layaway $249 downpayment.)This one is in great condition with the Patina of the vachetta with basically no watermarks, looks clean. NO POCHETTE.

Damier Ebene w/ Red lining ($850—Layaway coming soon!) This Neverfull is in amazing condition, ex clean inside, smooth leather on the inside. The handles look worn which is good in my opinion because the treated leather brand new hurts my shoulder sometimes. NO POCHETTE— this purse is also monogrammed on the leather handle with initials. You can easily put a leather sticker over it to cover it up. My recommendations are Kate Spade leather stickers. Or you can rub it off.

Damier Azure w/ Beige lining ($1,125—$218 w layaway downpayment) This Neverfull is in good condition, lining looks clean and the leather is still light! No watermarks. COMES WITH POCHETTE!

Louis Vuitton All in MM

ALL IN- I have the Monogram ALL in, in the size MM

Louis Vuitton ALL in GM 10% Off $1,395 with the layaway downpayment of $349