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cindy chen

Hi darlings!

Hope you are having an amazing day so far, wherever you live! I have exciting news for you all- I am a RocksBox's girl! If you have not seen my Instagram posts and Insta-stories! Then you have seen my pieces that I have been drooling over. You will find my posts regarding about the monthly subscription here! Under "fashion"

What is Rocksbox? 

Rocksbox is a monthly subscription box that is basically a "try before you buy" type of thing. It is so easy, you can sign up with my code “misscindylouwhoxoxo” for a free month of Rocksbox! If you need help finding your “style” you are in luck- You have a stylist! When you sign up for an account you take a little questionnaire asking about your types of metals you like or stones- it will narrow down your choices for what your stylist picks for you for your monthly box. You can even swap pieces if they are not in your taste! 

My overall thoughts

I love the customer service.

The pieces on the website are stunning

Easy mail back process.

The $21 in credits a month are a plus

I love it how you get an extra $10 off your whole entire purchase of a box.

It's so easy to pick and choose and send back.

You can wear your pieces for as long as you like

You get unlimited boxes a month when you send one back- once the tracking is initiated you get to swap your pieces if needed!

Make sure to sign up with my referral code here :  misscindylouwhoxoxo (for your free month)

I am loving my three pieces! I am a fan (obviously) of Kate Spade and Kendra Scott! My top two favorites.

Pieces that I own currently

- Rayne necklace in magenta

- Elle earrings in Rose Gold and Lilac (Mother of pearl)

-Elle earrings in Rhodium and Ivory (Mother of pearl)

-Elisa necklace in gold and Aqua Howlite


I wore the lilac and rose gold earrings to my cousin's wedding! They are so stunning on. Very dainty and pretty.


If you would like to directly purchase the exact pieces, I have them listed down below! You can purchase direct pieces on Rocksbox, but not all pieces of jewlary.

This is a sponsored post by RocksBox. All thoughts are my own.