Bag Twilly's

I'm Obsessed with twillys. Yes I spend $200 + on a piece of silk. Don't get me wrong; I love luxury but thats expensive. I fell in love with the Stephen Sprouse leopard bandeau a VERY long time ago. I think it's one of the basic things that everyone need's in their Louis Vuitton collection. With Twilly's you can..

Wear it as a bracelet

Wear it around your neck

Wear it as a headband

Wrap it around your bag handle

Wrap it around in a bow as a decorative thing on your handbag. I have the Fendi Fun Fair Wrappy and the Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse Leopard Bandeau I am obsessed with the other Fendi Fun wrappy in the black multi!! My SA Alexa (Saks Boson Fendi) showed me it, and I am slowly liking it more and more.