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What’s in my new Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene makeup pouch!!

cindy chen
What’s in my new Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene makeup pouch!!

I bought this on impulse. AGAIN! I honestly did not mean to buy this. The day I went to the mall I was going to buy a new Cles, but the ones they had at Louis Vuitton were so deformed. It was a huge let down. But I got this cutie instead!! meet my newest obsession! 


My sisters and I have matching makeup bags! She has the bigger version (GM). I have the MM! I know I will use this pouch for a long time, so this was an investment piece. I still love my Lilly Pulitzer GWP Pink first impression cosmetic pouch! 

What’s in my makeup bag...  


Shout Wipes- something that I cannot live without. Shout wipes come in handy because they can take off LITERALLY anything! If you read my Louis Vuitton Neverfull post- you know that I spilled matcha tea all over the pink lining. These wipes were the only thing that saved my bag! Who knows when you spill something on a fancy dress, or nice shirt!

BBW lotion- I have been a fan of Bath and Body Works for a very long time. My favorite lotion is Sweet Pea! You can get it here 

Kate Spade New York sample perfume- This one is “In full bloom” Kate Spade’s newest perfume- it smells so good! If you love roses, this perfume is for you! There are roller balls, but I like the sample size because its so small- my full size bottle is so big!!! I cant fit it into the pouch. You can get it here

Fresh, Sugar Lychee Rollerball - Another impulse purchase. But I have no regrets because I love this perfume!!! It’s fresh and Crisp. It’s great for spring! You can get it here

Bottle opener - You’ll never know if someone needs one... I opened a glass coke for a girl at recruitment with my keys. 

iphone charger with hair bands on them - iphone chargers get tangled easily. And my hair ties are always at the bottom of everything!!

Pens- I forget to bring writing utensils to class sometimes... 

Christian Dior rose Lip Balm- Expensive but it smells good!! You can get it here

Libby’s lip balm- Natural Lip balm a friend of mine makes!! You can find the post here Etsy Shop here You can find my review here 

Inhaler- Your girl needs to be able to breathe to live

Daily Lipstick/gloss- If I am wearing a lipstick it always goes it here! Today's lippie was MAC Retro Matte liquid lip color in Burnt spice! You can get there here

Down below I linked 3 LV makeup pouches similar to mine!