Fashion is life. It can be expensive and there are people out there that are willing to purchase fakes if they can't get their hands on the real thing. I know. There are a lot of people who are not wiling to drop a thousand dollars on a handbag. I am on a different page. I am 100% about this. I love watching how Chanel and Dior create their handbags. They are genuinally handmade! It is such a process to create clothing and handbags. Check out this handmade Lady Dior Youtube video. I think the process of creating luxury products is fascinating and very interesting. It's time consuming and it takes a long time to create. That's why handbags are expensive

I do not support the knock off industry. If you go to NYC you will see people bustling on the streets with people surrounding their luggage filled with knockoff items trying to purchase a Louis Vuitton wallet or even a bag. Do you know where these fakes are coming from? Or what is the story behind them? Replica's- knockoffs whatever you call it, just don't do it. 

It's unethical.

Luxury items are a treasure. They are something that you are investing in to fit into your everyday lifestyle. You want it to be genuine, you do not want to be someone you are not. 

First of all, counterfeits are illegal in the United States in America. If you are caught selling these fakes, you will be charged badly, and sent to jail. If you are even caught with a fake handbag in Paris you will be fined. What people don't know about the counterfeit industry- it is filled with crime against a lot of people, women and children are harmed in this dangerous industry. It can be researched that terrorism, human trafficking can be linked to the money made from counterfeits to purchasing weapons of mass destruction. There's a lot of baggage that comes with these fakes.  This kind of criminality leads to other criminal activities- you might not think it's hurting anyone, but in reality it is. It hurts a lot of people. 

Where you have to watch out

Online shops- such as Alibaba, websites on Google can be fraudulent. Mercari, Poshmark. You can be scammed hundreds of dollars if you purchase a fake on websites like these since they ban fakes. 

Sketchy shops- In the city that I grew up in, there have been a lot of questionable shops on a popular street that people shop on. Some of these shops have very questionable products and there are a lot of fakes. In high school some girls were carrying around fake Michael Kors bags Kate Spade and Tory Burch. I am not calling anyone out on it, but just the fact that people think that it's ethical to wear these fake purses and the fact that people sell them. It's just so bad. Sometimes they think it's the actual thing too. It's all wrong. 

 As you can see.. the "MK" sign is coming off. The zipper on this bag is caving in. Not good quality- probably made in China

As you can see.. the "MK" sign is coming off. The zipper on this bag is caving in. Not good quality- probably made in China

I have seen multiple people with fakes in my whole entire life. I can't seem to grasp what the millennial fascination with knockoffs or "dupes" of counterfeit items. I understand the memes of, "What you expect when ordering online" and "What you are really getting" it's funny. But I just want all of you to understand that, it's wrong to give into the people who are torturing others to create and sew anything that is counterfeit. It's a crime against fashion and counterfeit items are a crime in general. 

Where you can purchase from

Fashionphile - swear by this website. I love love love Fashionphile because you can find plenty of hidden treasures and you can guarantee that everything on this website is legit. They have authenticators all around. They actually have a store in California! The layaway program is free and they do not charge interest in items. PST- I have a code you can use for $50 off $400!! It's Thankyou2018 :) Hope you can score that perfect SLG or handbag on there!

I also hoped you all learned a little something from this post. I know it's unusual from my other posts and such, but I have been doing so much research and everything on this part of the fashion world.