Soo... College Cin??????

I remember when everyone thought I wasn't going to college. It's a fucking joke to me. Sorry to everyone, your first choice was my last resort. I wish things were easier for me at Lasell, but theres too much drama and I have to go through a lot. If I told you why, you're gonna think I'm fucking insane. 

To start off my freshman year of college. It’s frusterating. Im a commuter I know alot of people but they dont wanna hang out with me. I have maybe 2 or 3 panic attacks a day, on average I cry at least 9 times. But I’m okay. Everything will be okay. Issues I face.. y’all won’t even believe with half the fucking shit I go through. I have no where to go, nothing to do in between classes, and I can’t drive until further notice. I have a career and I have to maintain that. Everything is so stressful. I have to deal with too much. I have a lot of legal things to take care of which isn’t ideal… but I’m living. College isn’t that bad, but for me it’s been hell. I go back and fourth between Harvard and MIT, BC, BU and Emerson.. ya girl is just everywhere at this point. Rugby has been fun.. ish. My whole body is purple but that’s OK. 


Cin who is trying to take life’s curveballs like the slugger I am. 


cindy chen