Wells, Maine || Drake's Island.

Well my professor surprised my class with a trip to Maine which was awesome. Thank you to my professor, she's awesome. First of all the car ride was long which was good cause I got to sleep. Listen to my playlist here

When we got there we had a tour guide, shoutout to Linda for roasting me. ( I didn't know what Scat was! I'm not an outdoors person) Honestly I haven't been to Maine in forever. I'm so glad I got to even go on the trip, I was afraid that I wasn't able to because of work. But let's not talk about my work situation right now. :( 

It was amazing just to get to the beach and feel the ocean breeze. I was literally wearing leather boots. I didn't care I was wearing all black, pink vest and Dior Sunnies. I was dressed for work. I had alot of fun with my classmates. We went to lunch at Billy's chowder house and of course I got Mac and Cheese and french fries. I was going to get the Lobster Mac but I wasn't trynna break the bank with my professor. For a minute she thought I got the Lobster lol. Traffic coming home was terrible as always, I was late for work. Let's just say work wasn't the best day. Afterwards I went to Louis Vuitton and treated myself.

-You can't set sail with your anchor down. 




cindy chen