Stressed, Depressed but very well dressed.

It's pretty evident the last couple months have been absolute hell for me. I quit my old job (which I miss) and began a new one (that I love). I began a new journey (college) and face many challenges that come my way. I don't want to say a lot, but let's just say everything is not in my favor and my life is just so unfortunate. I'm stressed to the point where I do not feel like taking care of my issues. I'm depressed where the point where my life feels like it's not worth living. I'm well dressed yes that is true (I always am, unless I am at Rugby practice). I've had so many friends come and go in my life, there were past lover's who simply just couldn't commit. I feel alone. I'm hoping to take a 2 week treatment + therapeutic break from everything and everyone soon. My life isn't going as planned at the moment. As for my blog, I am going to continue to do what I do best. But just to let everyone know and make sure my state of mind is down in the gutter. It's a desolate, sad place and it's always grey and cloudy. Until I'm happy again I think that it's best for me to stay clear of certain people, talking about certain things and I just need to follow my heart and pull through with whatever comes my way.

Hoping for the best, 


cindy chen