Just a letter to my high school bully.

Dear nobody, 

You won. I know I started this battle and ended up victorious by the end of senior year but now? You win. Our college that we go to? Yeah I'm leaving. You were my best friend at one point of my life, since when we were young girls. But everything changed when we got to highschool. There I tried to be happy, move on and forget everything. I know I might of had been petty at times, but you on the other hand? Made everything worse. You hated me and I hated you. We fought with words and things were said. I also said I was sorry too many times. You on the other hand? Said nothing to my face when I was at my lowest. Out of the hundreds of thousands of colleges across the nation? You chose my college. You chose my rugby team, you chose my friends? You are such a heartless, cold hearted, person I have ever met. You have no nice bone in your body. You and your friends, (who I onced called my friends) are terrible people, who are insecure, envious, and mean. You and your friends are judgemental, crazy bitches who picked out every little flaw that stuck out against me. I was the target in highschool that you all aimed at. You made me suffer, cry, question my worth, questioning if whether my life was worth living. No one will fully understand the mental pain that you and your friends put me through. Therefore I am waving my white flag. I am done with the pettiness, I am done with you gossiping about me to people who do not even know me on Lasell's college campus. You can have the college, you can have all the people who I have befriended. I want to move on and have a fresh start. You are someone that I want to avoid for the rest of my life, I have been nothing but nice all these years and you still choose to bully me just because you hold a grudge against everyone that has done you wrong? I'm moving on and I'm taking my confidence, strength and thick skin. After all the torture and all the sticks and stones that have been thrown at me, I'm moving on. You should too. I look forward to never seeing you again.


Cindy Chen.

cindy chen