A note to my freshman year of highschool.

Dear Cindy, 

You were a lost soul. You hurt a little bit too much and you had really thin skin. You weren't confident but you were beautiful, fragile and you did something that you were not proud of. People belittled you, said things, tormented you to the point where there was nothing to say. You lied, drank and took too many pills. You ruined your friendships with people because you were insecure and didn't know how to keep friends. But you got help and I thank you for that. You went through months and months being alone, isolated with no where to go and no one to talk to. You have your whole life planned for you already. And I promise the future is gonna get a little better. You wanted a busy life working in retail and you got it babe. But theres alot of triumph along the way to success. I wish that you knew how amazing you were. I wish you stopped crying yourself to sleep and stopped worrying about what people said about you. They never cared, they were never friends and of course they were just low lives looking for drama. You are so beautiful and kind. I thank you for getting that help you needed. I really fucking do.



Grew into another person.  

cindy chen