Cindy, Why The Life of Cin?

If you know me in real life you know that my life is a fucking joke. I crack them left and right and hope that someone laughs. I love Yeezy's album The Life Of Pablo. Obviously Famous is my favorite song, next to Fade. Kanye attitude with Drake feels. Explains my life. My real name is "Cindy" which no one ever believes. Please don't call me Cynthia or even DARE TO SPELL MY NAME WRONG. I'll go ballistic. (@ Starbucks). I do stupid shit left and right, so i'm always out "sinning" which i call "cinning" for me. I never really had a cool nickname it was either Cindy Lou Who. But it's Cin. My sister is always like "Cinny" "Cin Cin" or "Cin" whatever is easiest. Someone called me CJ one time... So put The Life Of Pablo, the lyrics from Tupac's Me and my girlfriend "All I need in this life of sin" and my nickname "Cin."

You get ... The Life Of Cin. 


cindy chen