"Cindy you savage why are you on Tinder?"

"Lets match" YEET. It's pretty evident that I have a lot of issues at the moment. When you break up with someone and they just continue to annoy the crap out of you, begging for another chance. BYE. I joined Tinder cause I was bored. YUP. I never had one until now cause I just didn't care about anything or anyone at the moment. The second reason.. Promo the blog. Promo. Promo. Promo. Do you know how many people I told to check out the TheLifeOfCin.com? Fucking everyone. It's important that I keep my views to at least a thousand a day. If you're reading this and you're from Tinder. Hey. Thanks for visiting. Go peep my instagram its MissCindyLouWho. Ask me on a date for all I care. Just be nice. And yes if you are gonna ask, I was on Barstool sports. That's all I'm gonna say. 



cindy chen