Saturdays are for the boys.

The past two years have been pretty awful for me. I'm still not over someone that happened a long time ago. Which really sucks, but I don't know why I was so hung up about this guy, it was nothing exclusive, everything just turned bad all of a sudden. He went onto college and just forgot about me, I past his house everyday knowing he wasn't there, his old house, his family, his car. Everything about him made me miss him even more. Now that i'm in college I can understand why he didn't want to have to worry about me, or me missing him. He loved to party every night no matter what day it was. I was head over heels for this motherfucker. A series of ex boyfriends and hookups didn't really help me much with getting over this kid. 

I need a new life asap, and i need to get away from him even farther. 

cindy chen