Cindy why are you always reading Barstool..

My life too lit that's why. It all started a long ass time ago. When I just read it for fun, cause I needed entertainment. I didn't like ESPSN, who the fuck still watches that either? I should shut up I watch it whenever the Sox are playing, or something important is on. (For example when Big Cat ate 12 hotdogs in 10 minutes). I read Barstool cause that shit is too fucking funny. For all of those who are asking. Yes. I was on Barstool. Dave Portnoy show. Not going to say anything else dig deep into the podcasts and listen to them, mine was cut short and edited because I talk too much. Anyways, It's just too fucking funny. It's a Boston based blog and I admire Portnoy for his success and creativity. Literally most of my friends are guys and read the blog. That's how I make friends, through this blog LOL. I'm literally always listening to The Rundown, or Pardon my take, or even KFC radio. I live for when Dave fangirls about Tom Brady. It's life. If you don't like the Patriots the X button is on the top left corner of this screen. If you're on your phone right now shut off the browser and don't come back. Barstool is fucking hilarious with it's content and if you don't like it get out. I seem like the person to love fashion blah blah blah and all that shit. Well yes it's true, but I live 3 lives and I'm always catching up on my sports stuff. Ya girl can fucking run an empire, run like theres no tomorrow and get these touchdowns myself. I'm honestly no one to be fucked with if you're playing against me. 



cindy chen