The Late Late Late post about NYC.

Holyyy crap. New york was a little crazy. To start off i had an insane day Friday. Woke up late for school, had to shovel myself out of my driveway. Went to classes and waited for the dean of my college for 45 minutes. I had to cancel my therapy session that day unfortunately. Its always a bad day when i have to cancel therapy. I got a lot of transfer paper work done. I just need to send some things out. Anways, after all that work i went to boston went shopping and got home late. Packed, did some homework and then fell asleep around 2am. I woke up at 5, did my makeup and hoped on the bus at 7am. I rolled up to NYC around 11:30 we met up and went to Kate Spade Broome St and then headed to Laduree. My home. I walked all around Soho, went to LV, Chanel and Burberry. Its a shame that Eva and I only spent a couple hours together but thats okay!! Ill see her next time :) what i bought willl be in FASHION. NYFW looked prettty sick. But with all the stress that i have endured over here in Boston makes it virtually impossible for me to handle other things at the moment. Walking around NYC made me realize that I love Boston. I love where i come from, its easy to navigate and theres not too many people. Ohh Nyc. How i have a love hate relationship with you. Don't get me wrong guys i like new york. Ive always wanted to live there. But my views have all changed and I'm a boston girl. I kind of grew up in Long Island in the summers with my cousins. They lived in Freeport and now are sporadically spread out across the island.

cindy chen