cindy chen

How my former best friend made me grow as a person

cindy chen
How my former best friend made me grow as a person

She shall not be named. Memories and conversations will always run through my mind. I miss the old her, while the new her is with her new friends having the time of their lives. 

1. She loved sunglasses, with me wearing glasses my whole life I never wanted to take them off. I decided to finally just take them off and get a new perscription of contacts and finally let free of myself. I was scared that people would think l would look weird. I did. But that was my new look. I wanted to let people know how confident I was without glasses. Sure I still wear them around, it's because I'm too lady to wear contacts. I was confident in HS with glasses on. But still I had the insecurity. I wanted people to see my eye makeup but that was always blocked my my huge glasses. And there it was a huge difference. I grew into a new person. I don't go a day without my Dior Sunglasses from now on. 

2. Confidence. I grew into a new type of confidence. People did not liking me for who I was. A new friend came along and   gave me something to look forward to. I embraced it and moved right the fuck on.

3. Highlight. When I bought the Anastasia Sun-glow palette in That Glow my life changed forever. I never knew the purpsose of highlight but it honeslty changed my life, makeup routine and it's just so beautiful. Girls really do appreciate a good glow.

4. Boys. I was pretty shy in highschool until I really started being confident to ask out guys. The last person I asked out ended up in flames. I knew him my whole life and he said no to me. Pretty confident enough to talk to peole on my own now using my own judgement. But I do blame her for being a little boy crazy.

5. Luxury. Theres no finer things in life than luxury. Realizing the finer things in life cost alot of money. But with hard work. Trust me you'll get there. A curse and a blessing. 

Theres nothing harder than moving on from someone who had such a huge impact on your life. Friends come and go, and they leave their handprints on your heart. Still there when they leave, are the memories, lessons and unforgettable moments shared. It's sad to watch a person leave you, when you have all these memories, meaningful conversations and plans that you guys planned out, but never will get to. 

It's sad when you loose a friend who meant the whole entire world to you. 

But life takes on a new meaning when you meet someone else.