Finally. The end.

It has been a rough five months of 2017. I had a strange sickness that affected my health for two months, got dragged into drama once again and went through a series of ups and down in my personal life. 

I thought this year of freshman year would never end. I have been constantly been pushed around, manipulated and threatened over the course of my time at this college. One year of college really has changed me as a person versus four years of high-school. From all the bad instances and bad people I have associated myself with, I can now say that their out of my life. If these people continue to bother me or harass me, they're going to have to go through my lawyer first before they get to me. Nothing in the world can compare to how bad my experience at this fucking college was. 

But the best is yet to come. 

I got accepted to Boston University, and after one year of high school I am finally wearing a college shirt and hat that I am proud to represent myself with. A year ago, I was hopeless, upset and scared that I was going to a shitty ass D3 school that had no good reputation. But that was my last resort and that's why I went.

This is the end of my chronicles at this fucking school, I could only name at least three people who I actually like and respect at this school. To the unprofessional and clueless staff over there, and the rude, students who don't know how to throw bangers. Fuck you. 


Words can't describe how much anger and vengeance I have against this establishment. 



Cindy Chen. 

cindy chen