Say Less.

My college experience has been evidently terrible at Lahell College. If you ask anyone that I'm associated with who knows all the juicy gossip in the world about The Life Of Cin it's my therapist. I pay her to listen to my issues because no one else wants too (-: Furthermore this year has been filled with breakups, boys, snakes and more petty high-school drama. (Yes I'm pointing a finger at you) (: Enjoy! 

Does it look like I fucking care? Absolutely not, I have the world on my shoulder and the freedom of speech. There isn't no fake news here (: This year has been filled with Nonstop (harassing) Group me messages from the most irrelevant people on the planet. (Took me a couple months to find out "Are you just gonna sit behind your computer) Yes girl. This is how I made a living. While you sit on your ass, talk trash and drag my name through the mud for one last time. Rumors. Gossip. Lies You have absolutely nothing else better to do with your life. 

Nonstop this semester; wake up late, go to school, go to work, eat for the first time in the day, and then go home; REPEAT. No time to spread rumors myself, or talk trash (:

But this is the end and you are all still a miserable individuals who still stalk my social media. 

I have nothing to say, but Goodbye forever. I look forward to never seeing you again (-:


cindy chen