New England Post - Fuller garden in North Hampton, New Hampshire

I love driving up the cost of New Hampshire/Massachusetts with my boyfriend. This summer we've been to Portsmouth NH twice and we've driven around a lot and stayed up in Portsmouth in an Airbnb for the night. I think it's a great way to get away from the city- if you're constantly in the working in the city like me all the time and need a break.

-We visited the Fuller Gardens in North Hampton. BEAUTIFUL PLACE!! Admission is cheap- and if you're a student it's like $6. The flowers are exotic- although the roses wern't in full bloom, it was still a beautiful place to be! There was a greenhouse full of succulents and more cacti and flowers. I think this trip was worth it. There was a koi pond with HUMUNGOUS Koi fish!!

My favorite part. Driving up the coast near New castle island was fabulous. The view was amazing, the mansions reminded me of Newport RI- everyone that knows me, knows I LOVE Newport. 


Big fishies ♥️

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