cindy chen

New England Post - Portsmouth, NH

cindy chen
New England Post - Portsmouth, NH

If you read my other post about the Fuller gardens- you probably know that I am in awe of New Hampshire this summer. I have had such an amazing time in Portsmouth with my boyfriend that I had to share it all with you guys!

Where we stayed

Hotels are expensive and you have to be 21 or older to check into a hotel. That's where Airbnb comes in handy. I had a great experience with it so far! It's cheap and a great way to save on a trip. Matt and I stayed in the center of Portsmouth that was right in the city where the restaurants and shops were. Do your research on where you wanna stay- Private apartments are the way to go on any trip.

What we ate

When we first arrived to Portsmouth (The first time) we walked around and decided that we wanted something light and that's when we decided to try out Cava. We ordered a lot of food- it was amazing. (Plus I like eating tiny food) Croquetas De Jamon Serrano was probably my favorite dish out of all of them. A couple dishes we had were, Pastas bravas, Marcona almonds and olives, Duck breast, I don't remember it all but it was delicious. Almost everything was topped off with Saffron!! 10/10


Friendly Toast- For all of you in Boston you know Friendly Toast. Cheap and delicious. I got chocolate chip pancakes. 

Cafe Mediterraneo- For dinner the second stay Matt and I were starving. We've been driving all day and ate nothing. We probably ate three loaves of bread and olive oil + Parm that night at this restaurant. (YUMMY) I got Chicken Alfredo while Matt got a pork chop which was extra yum. 

What we did

We enjoyed both of our days in Portsmouth, first off we walked around which was fun. Portsmouth is fun little area- it's not too city like. We grabbed my Lilly Blanked and we watched the sunset over at Prescott Park. Nothing too crazy. It was our weekend to relax from work so we binge watched episodes of the Bachelorette that night and ate snacks. 


Things to know | what to pack on a getaway

There is a free 72 hour parking lot!!! There are other ones that are more expensive. 

TONS of restaurants to choose from!! Yelp is helpful!!

Bring a huge towel to lay down in the grass in

Bring bug spray

Sandals and flip flops are a must

Sunnies are a need


What I wore

First time- My pineapple jumpsuit!!! (Minus the pineapple bag) I just got it from Kate the night before and I loved it so much. Cute and Sassy- great for the summer! 

The second time I wore plain white jeans and a chiffon navy blue tank top and lobster sliders from Kate.