LifeofCinEatsBOS (Top go to places)

It's official! It's a long name but it's happening. FOOD INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT. @LifeofCinEatsBOS

This is going to be a series on my blog on what I love to eat. As you may tell from Instagram or this blog- I am a foodie. But every foodie has his or her essentials and these are mine!!


Sweetgreen - I usually crave a Harvest bowl or a Kale Caesar Salad (Sans tomatoes).

Pressed Juicery- Greens 5 juice (discontinued) Alternative is Greens 2. Creamy Coconut freeze is delicious. I LOVE the freezes. There are seasonal flavors and the two basic ones are vanilla and chocolate.

Starbucks - Who dosen’t like Starbucks? My order is usually a Venti iced coffee sweetened. I usually go for a spicy chorizo and egg sand which, chocolate chip cookie or chocolate croissant.

I go to a lot of different places to eat for lunch and dinner. But my top favorites as of right now is Saloniki (There is one in Fenway and on Mass Ave near MIT campus) Chipotle, Dig Inn, Tatte. 

 Lunch at Thinking Cup

Lunch at Thinking Cup