How it all started


It all started when..

It was basically my freshman year of high school. My style started to evolve so did my taste in almost everything; clothes, food, life styles. I love stripes, polka dots, confetti, touches of gold, simple designs but most importantly; bows.


In my opinion a Kate Spade girl is adventurous. She loves anything glitter and everything simple. She carries $7 in change at the bottom of her purse, loves going out to dinner with friends. She loves to give gifts. She loves bows and she isn't afraid to wear them everyday. She throws confetti in the air, drinks her coffee like a dessert. Loves macarons and expensive hot chocolate. She has a lot of different styles, handbags, shoes and her wardrobe is to die for. She's inspired by anything and everything around her. She's mysterious and does it all. She's brilliant and graceful. That my friend is a Kate Spade girl.