"Tina Belcher by day, Blair Waldorf by night"

Enjoy flipping through my personal website. I put my heart and soul into creating it and networking. With all the glitter and glamour that goes into fashion. For all of you who asked thank you for the love and support. 




Self made success at 18 years old with a little bit of sparkle and a whole lot of ambition. I started MissCindyLouWho's boutique July 2016 on impulse and the rest is history. Born in Boston MA, Currently transferring to Boston University. I work on Newbury Street, still running the boutique and my third job. Running The Life Of Cin. This is where I personally share, favorites for the seasons, clothes, anything fashion, favorite places to eat in Boston and share my life. I'm a content creator. I come up with ideas to inspire people all around. I take my unfortunate situations in life, make the best of them and share with the world my experience to be able to help others.

Don't ask it's probably a long story.


What is your life aspiration exactly?

At this point of my life I don't know where I am going. I felt like I had my life already set out for myself in high school with a career in fashion design. But everything changed my freshman year. I fell out of love with the design part. There were too many factors that made me upset and angry with myself and other people. I changed majors and the rest is history. Im transferring schools as well.

Why did you start The Life Of Cin?

After a lot of messages on Facebook regarding a website to showcase my collection and life, I decided to build it. I have had such a large following for a long time. People were curious to who I was. I thought about it and it was time for me to introduce myself to the world. I was already well known in the Lilly Pulitzer world, as well as being a Kate Spade fanatic and all things fashion. I didn't really care about an image, but If people wanted to know me for who I really am then so be it. I wanted to be able to share my ideas to the world and be able to produce new content every week with such a large following. 

I'll build a website and call it The Life Of Cin. 

Favorite macaron?

Pistachio from Macaron Cafe, Rose, and Lemon from Laduree

Do you do any sports?

Currently injured and very lazy. I run, and also play rugby.