cindy chen

How did the transfer process go?

cindy chen
How did the transfer process go?

If you've stayed with me for this long.. then you probably remember my first day of college blog post. Did it go well? Nope. I knew that I didn't belong at the other school. The "friends'" I made were fake fucks who wanted to get drunk every second they got out of class. I regret every single second that I have stayed at that college. I only had a couple of professors that were by my side, I forever will be so grateful for their support in the process. But everything about that school, the atmosphere, people, academics - it wasn't elite, there wasn't a lot of intellect on that college campus. I realized my self worth. I wasn't doing myself a favor if I stayed there, I would have hated my life even more. But this isn't that blog post, this is about the transfer process. (Note I'm not the most reliable person for this but, this is every single step that I took towards the transfer process)

I'm gonna tell you everything you need to do (In my opinion) on how to get the fuck out of the college that you're in right now. 


This is crucial. THIS IS THE MOST annoying website in the whole entire world (next to college board) #SorryNotSorry. You're gonna have to think of some colleges that you are interested in. Maybe some that you have already applied to? Add the colleges that you got rejected from too. Theres a possibility that you might get in as a transfer! Add them to your common app and look at all the documentation that specific college needs. 

Don't give them a sob story. You need to seem like need to seek higher education.

(In which you deserve)

When I say that I ALMOST trashed my previous college.. I did. I had an essay on how furious I was. All my emotions on one page. When I spoke to my english professor he made me realized, that trashing was unnecessary (everyone knows it's already a shitty place so??) ; they wanted to see my intellect in my writing. Spiritually on how I wanted to grow as a person, and what I wanted to accomplish after my college career. (maybe the college lacked a great party scene, or the people there were shitty the college you are applying to does not need to know that) 

Materials NEEDED

EVERY SINGLE SYLLABI YOU WERE GIVEN. (ask for a PDF file, if they get mad ask your professor to send it reguardless)

Proof read, well thought out College essay

Current College transcript

2 recommendations; mine were from my english professor and my history teacher from HS

HS transcript 

(MAYBE) an additional essay of your choice for admissions to read to further/not further your chances of getting in 

** remember to enter/exit on that federal loan websites. (When you try to be helpful but cant give out links) 

After you got into the college of your choice (for the second time) Remember to send your final transcript and do the whole college fafsa thing all over again. Also any additional paperwork.

Ok i'm not a reliable source. But this is all I have to say.