Chanel quilted Headphones.

Holy Fucking shit. What did I even come across? I was out shopping at Neiman and boy, I was fucked up. Walked into Chanel and was BLOWN away by what was in stock.. It's not even a fuckin Chanel Boutique it's a counter and they had the $8,000 Chanel headphones. Like what the fuck.. They're glamorous, but for $8k? DON'T THINK SO. I better be fucking hearing the voice of Jesus Christ himself speaking to me thru these wireless beauties. They're noise cancelling defiantly, I can say that. Literally blown away by that Chanel counter, they had everything there including pillows to two of the runway handbags. These go down as one of my favorite things because they're so booshie. I have to have them but first I gotta pay for college so maybe when I'm rich. 

-Chanel #3


cindy chen