Laduree Macarons

When Blair's obsession with macarons became real, that's when I loved the show even more. Macarons from Laduree are my absolute favorite thing in the whole entire world, my cousin shithead Steve (don't ask me why I call him that) literally drove me to SoHo to get them for me. $70 for 18, and two extra small macchiatos. My favorite flavors defiantly rose, chocolate and Marie Antoinette. But the heart shaped ones for valentines day is just too cute to handle. Do yourself a huge favor and go to Laduree and treat yourself to a couple of macarons. They're $5 each. You can also go to Macaron Cafe which is the cutest little macaron boutique! You can try making them yourself but it's really hard to. I failed, and only got them successful one time. But get yourself a box of 18 cause you're gonna want more. Trader Joes has a dozen for $5 a box. There ain't no Cindy Chen without macarons, they make the perfect gift and to bribe people with. Like for example when I was a little tipsy one night, I said to my sister "I'll buy you a box of macarons if you come and pick me up." That's how obsessed I am with these little pastries. 


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