If you are looking for salad in Boston. You have to go to Sweetgreens. I am not kidding when I say these salads are addicting and so good. I mean this is what I eat every single week a couple times a day. The amount of Sweetgreens I have consumed in the past 9 months of this year is CRAZY. I am not kidding around when it comes to my salad, I'm picky when it comes to salad, I even talk to my friends and coworkers on how Sweetgreens is addicting. I mean the CEO of the company called me on the phone a couple weeks ago. (Back Bay location incident). It's all dirty water around here so I eat anything from Sweetgreens. 

These are my top pics

1. Kale Caesar, no tomatoes sub cucumbers with Quinoa. 

2. Spicy Sabzi, no sprouts sub cucumbers sub tofu with chicken. 

3. Rad Thai (no subs)  

4. Harvest bowl, sub organic rice with Quinoa. 

-XO cin


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cindy chen