Apples to Apples.

It's here ! and it's cold as fuck in the morning. Fall. Every girl's favorite season. The aesthetics are real at this point in life. I went apple picking at Honeypot Orchards! Ironic because my mom decided to pick PEARS. Anyways it took 2 hours to find a parking spot. Too many cars left and right. New Englanders can't drive. That's all I'm going to say. The lines were long as hell and there was a never ending line of cars and people. I got lost in the orchard cause my stupid ass decided to wander off.. I was starving at that point so I had no choice but to yup, eat the apples off the trees. Duh that's what you do Cin. But NO I really wanted an apple cider donut and REALLY wanted to go to the store. My mom of course just has to have it her way so I carried 6 pounds of pears and nearly collapsed. But it's whatever I got half a gallon apple cider and a caramel apple. The line for donuts was wicked long.. Ya girl wasn't trynna wait 10 hours. I got to meet Tom Brady as well. (If you get the joke) Sat on some pumpkins and filled my fall aesthetics to where I am wicked excited for fall. 


Let there be pumpkin spice babes, 



cindy chen