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Home decor: The basics.

cindy chen
Home decor: The basics.

I still live at home with my parents and commute to school. But I have an eye for home decor, decorations, "The things we love" and "All in good taste" are two of my bibles that I hold near and dear to my heart. I have made my room into an entire Kate Spade boutique and now it's a Lilly Pulitzer and Kate Spade dream. I hope to move out in a couple years into my own apartment and just start decorating everything. This will be a series. (Less or more, depending on the holiday seasons, or things that are all year round. 




The basics

1. Ring Dishes. 

The most basic bitch ring dish is my opinion is the Jonathan Adler metallic Zebra dish $34

A girl needs/has a lot of baubles right? Why not show them off on a glamourous ceramic dish. Is it instagram worthy? Yes.

(not gonna lie I used to make my own ceramics in sculpture, boy do I miss that class)

Instagrammable? Absolutly.


2. Fuzzy white rug. 

Every well known instagrammer/blogger HAS to have at least ONE fuzzy white rug. I have one in my room and it does it's job, I mean IT'S A RUG. They come in all different shapes and sizes. I personally love the small ones. When I get an apartment I will definitely be getting a much larger rug and having the smaller ones in the bathroom. Their hard to maintain, they can get dirty and you're gonna have to vacuum but they're boujee as hell and Cindy approves. 

Instagrammable? YES. You can lay your products on top of  the fur. The white rug will be the perfect touch to a boujee and glam photo of whatever it is.



3. The clear acrylic makeup boxes. 

Every single Youtuber I have ever watched has either owned multiple ones, or still stores their makeup in them. It's chic, cheap and you can see where all the makeup you've purchased. I mean what girl doesn't like to store their makeup and show it all off? I fall guilty to this because I bought the clear acrylic lipstick holder. Has it made a difference? Slightly. I can now see all the Lancome and MAC lipsticks that I don't use. I just use my Kylie Jenner lip gloss'

Instagrammable? NO. If you have a really nice Nikon or Cannon, then probably yes. These containers get dirty so, not ideal. It's just makeup storage. These are just the basics.


4. Bath and Body works candles. 

They're not just any type of candles. They have to be BBW. I used to have a HUGE obsession with candles, and I got over my phase because I was OBSESSED. But I love candles, and I still hoard them. Guilty. I haven't smelled any in the past couple years, but BBW always has sales going on. I'm a candle hoarder.

My favorites were always, somethings with macarons in them, watermelon lemonade. Honey Suckle bouquet.  

Instagrammable? YES.


 I would just like to say shoutout to me back when I was 15 for taking this photo. Ancient artifact that was on my old blog. 

I would just like to say shoutout to me back when I was 15 for taking this photo. Ancient artifact that was on my old blog. 

5. Kate Spade gold dots rose bowl.

I absolutely adore Kate Spade's home section. It's always simple, chic and fun. I wish that KS would have more basic things like they have with all the home stuff and glitter bow peep toe shoes. But this rose bowl is everything. I am on the hunt for the all rose quartz bowl and this one goes down as one of the basics because take a clear bowl with gold dots on it? CHIC.

Instagrammable? YES. You can even own a fish in one of these beauties.