Pastel Pallette

I'm so late on this but spring is here in New England! I cannot believe it is almost the end of May. Cheers to my 19th so fourth and so on. I'm a year older and a year wiser. The flowers are (trying) to grow, the weather is (still bipolar) and school is coming to an end for seniors in high school and college kids are just trying to make it out of class. While senior week is still going on for my sister over in Worcester. 

Here are my top picks

1. Fruity Monkey Mila Shift (Lilly Pulitzer) I LOVE this print so much. I bought a yard of this fabric right on Ebay. I was going to buy this shift but (I decided to save money)

2. Cameron Street Large Lane in Island Water (Kate Spade) I'm in LOVE with this color. Enough said. 

4. Leather Roses Keychain H&M (You all know that I LOVE THESE LITTLE BEAUTIES)

cindy chen